Four-D, LLC
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Technical Consulting and Support Services for Small Enterprise

If you have 10 to 200 PCs, or one or more servers we can help.
Most Small Enterprises have different requirements and needs than their larger counterparts. You may not have full-time Information Technology (IT) staff. Or, if you do have full-time staff, you may need additional expertise to design and implement some new technology. If so, give us a call.

Our Philosophy

We believe long-term partnerships with our clients provide the best results. To become your partner, we need to get to know you; your people, your equipment, your goals and your work practices. Working within your budget, we maintain a scheduled on-site presence at your facility, augmented with on-call and remote support services. Being on-site allows us to learn your operation and more importantly, we become an integral part of your team.

Consider this

Are you paying for "monitoring" services at a fixed cost?
    If so, are you receiving value for the expenditure?
Are you paying for "patching, update and anti-virus fixes and services"?
    These are automatic systems and once set up, require little maintenance.
Are you in break / fix mode? Or are you in a regular maintenance environment.
    Think of your IT & Communication systems as you would your primary vehicle.
    Ensure capacity, efficiency, reliability, security and speed for best results.